Leaving home and heading to college is exciting, scary, and even mysterious.  You didn't pack up everything you own, cram it into your car, and say goodbye to your family and home town because you wanted to play it safe.  You've heard the statistics - dropout rates as high as 47%, average student loan debt over $44,000, 50% of students will change their major at least once - we won't even get into potluck roommates or community bathrooms!

Regardless, you are here and you are brave.  College is a crash course for gaining new life skills and experiences designed to give the best odds for success in your future careers and families.  Christian Challenge is here to help.  Each of our staff has been transformed by Jesus through college ministry and want to ensure you graduate with that same life-changing experience!

A statistic that has startled us is how 70-80% of college students walk away from their faith by the time the graduate.  By learning the "why" behind Jesus' ministry it's our mission to partner with campuses and lower that percentage!  We do this through small group studies and one-on-one mentorship.  

We would love to get to know you, see where you come from, and help guide where you are going.  Select your campus above to join a LIFE Group and visit About Us to get to know our staff.  We hope to see you around!